Top Five Advantages Of cPVC Pipes.

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In the past year, 2022, Proplastics Zimbabwe introduced one of its latest innovations, the highly anticipated cPVC pipes and fittings. Can you believe that cPVC pipe was first introduced in the USA in the year

Why Install a PVC Gutter

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There is now a huge influx of houses being built around the country and it is important that homeowners protect their investments. PVC gutter systems play an essential role in the protection of houses as they help prevent damage to the structure.


5 Reasons You Should Use PVC For Your Next Project

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Industry leaders and DIY experts across the world have been moving away from the use of traditional materials like bronze, copper and iron to embrace the relatively newer and efficient Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) technology

The Borehole Drilling Process: A Beginner's Guide



Water shortages in most urban areas in Zimbabwe have driven the need for alternative water sources. Short term solutions include purchasing water from bulk water suppliers, walking the short or long distance to que at communal ....

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