Borehole casings

Proplastics manufactures and supplies uPVC borehole casings and screen pipes from 110mm to 250mm in two pressure classes, PN 6 and PN 10. Borehole casings and screens are manufactured with selected PVC compounds to provide absolute non-corrosive pipes with excellent mechanical properties. The casing and screens can be joined by screwing in threaded joints or use of solvent cement.

Advantages include:-

  • Corrosion:- the chemical inertness of uPVC makes them insensitive to all forms of corrosion, thus being excellent products for use in Acid Mine drainage wells or high PH applications.
  • Mechanical properties:- excellent resistance to high collapse pressures, together with high tensile loads with the "DIN" threading.
  • Accurate slot sizes:- which are consistent and therefore easily matched to calculated flow rates which designers can use in designing systems.
  • Cost effective:- lower installed cost compared to conventional (steel) casings.
  • Easy handling and installation:- tough, rugged material, with easy to assemble joints.
  • Light weight:- much lighter than steel casings, makes them user friendly installations and saves time.
  • PVC plastic material:- resistant to corrosion as well as acids and alkalis found in some soils. No additional protection required.
  • Internally and externally flush jointed:- easy installation in borehole and improved flow of pumped water.
  • High modulus of elasticity:- makes for stiffer casings and screens which can be designed for boreholes up to at least 200m deep.