PVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings

Proplastics manufactures a range of high performance Proflo unplasticised PVC pressure pipes from 20mm to 400mm diameters. Proflo PVC pipes are recognized for their advantages and are specified with confidence for use in water supply, irrigation, sewage systems and industrial applications. Proplastics also manufactures and supplies toughened Proflo modified PVC pressure pipes from 20mm to 400mm diameters. Proflo mPVC, an advancement of uPVC, is a ductile and resilient thermoplastic alloy developed using modern technology. The enhanced toughness results in improved resistance to crack propagation, thereby enabling the use of a higher stress design which results in reduced mass. Advantages include:-

  • Immunity to corrosion
  • Excellent chemical and micro/macro-biological resistance
  • Ease of handling and installation together with toughness and flexibility
  • Far less failures and thus a much lower life cycle cost compared to other materials such as steel, clay, cast iron and ductile iron
  • Compatible with asbestos, cement piping and cast iron and AC fittings, therefore eliminating dual stocking
  • Durability and corrosion resistance of PVC pipes translating into a longer lifespan and has been proven to last for a minimum of 50 years, saving on costs and reducing environmental impact
  • Proflo PVC pipes are manufactured to SANS 966-1 & ZWS 327-1 whilst mPVC is manufactured to SANS 966-2 & ZWS 327-2, thereby guaranteeing product quality