Track Record


Proplastics has built sustainable relationships with suppliers and clients in the Mining, Housing and Public Works, Telecommunications, Agricultural industries, as well as Government, Rural and District Councils, Contractors and Merchants, and has undertaken the following major projects in Zimbabwe and the region:-

  • Unicef Gokwe, Sewer 2,7km piping, 2015
  • Zimbabwe Power Company, Munyati, 315mm HDPE pipes, phase 1 project 2015
  • Department of Irrigation, More Foods Projects - 150kilometres piping 2015
  • Unicef Borehole Casing, 30km, 2015
  • WHH (Welt Hunger Hilfe ), 23km, 2015
  • Luanshya, Zambia 355mm pipes - 1,4km piping, 2015
  • Chitwi, Zambia ,400km LDPE piping, 2015
  • Kefalos Dairy Farm ,15km of 215mm piping, 2015
  • Mining Sector 160mm Double Flanged HDPE pipes 3km, 2014
  • CABS Budiriro, 42km of piping, 2013
  • Zinwa Victoria Falls 13km of piping, 2012
  • Zimplats, 10km of 400mm piping, 2012
  • Norah Valley Ruwa, 11km of piping, 2012
  • Mtshabezi twin line, 74km of 400mm pipeline, 2010 - 2011
  • City of Harare - Water & Sewer Rehabilitation Phase, 90km, 2009-2010
  • Unicef - Borehole Casing 30km, 2009
  • Triangle - Irrigation Main Line 15km, 2008
  • Department of Irrigation - Irrigation Rehabilitation & Winter Wheat 200km, 2005
  • Tonota Shashe (Botswana) 50km of piping, 2004

Proplastics has built a reputation of friendly and reliable service. It is  backed by a capable technical team that offers after sales technical support. Proplastics also offers value adding activities such as, on or off-site advisory services, complimentary training of plumbers, merchants, engineers, contractors and project managers.